Flowers for forgiveness

The floral display in Carrefour is to the eye what water is to a parched mouth.  I want to drink it in, to dive in. Others feel the same way it seems. I witnessed two men compelled to take photos of themselves stood amongst the flowers.  The first one succeeded but in the switching of places they alerted the security guard. What ensued then was an exchange reminiscent of ‘Candid Camera’ or ‘Beadle’s About’. The security guard kept saying ‘La La La.’ He was not humming a tune but telling them no in Arabic. The men were insisting that it was only a picture and asking what was the harm. Throughout this exchange, the second man positioned himself and got his friend to take his picture and then they thanked the guard.


The commotion came to the attention of a manager who rushed over to reiterate that it was against the rules. One of the photographers looked at him and said ‘Salam (Peace)’ and he and his friend walked out. I silently cheered them.


La, La, la is an oft heard refrain here. It’s about authority. Often that sphere is no bigger than the eye of an ant and maybe because of that, authority is wielded without discretion.  Sometimes I don’t ask for the simplest of things because just the thought that a person could say no, as in the situation they have more power than me, is more than my soul can bear.


Yet this Radio 4-worthy farce reminded me of  the credo ‘it is better to beg forgiveness than to seek permission’. I wondered if lately, I had been seeking permission too often.  Consequently, I’ve identified some areas which may leave me eating humble pie or, maybe just maybe, I’ll get what I truly desire.



What would you rather beg forgiveness for?




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