Censure&Censor not Sense&Sensibility

Buying a magazine in this desert place can be a risky business especially when summer issues are full of women in swimsuits. All images like this have a censor’s thick black felt tip mark covering the pubic and breast areas. And last month when I bought O magazine, 3 pages were missing. The colouring in makes me chuckle but torn-out pages incense me as I’ve paid almost 10 quid – yep double –  for a magazine.

It’s annoying as you can see lingerie, swimsuits and other clothes displayed on mannequins as you walk through the mall. La Senza, M&S, Victoria’s Secret – they’re all here.


Here’s what I’m thinking:


What’s the gender of the person doing this job? – I’m guessing it’s a man and my thoughts go tangential

What’s the job title?

What’s the job description?

What are the criteria?

And is there someone quality checking?

Does he (I’m convinced it’s a he) have a quota?

Does he get danger money?

Does he have job satisfaction?

Your thoughts?

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