Time to be fruitful

The Creator created every living thing with a seed – the potential to continue his work. He did not make man until the 6th day and then He did this in His own image. This led me to think that we are fundamentally creative. If you can’t paint or draw or have two left feet, I’d forgive you if you feel that you were somehow at the back of the queue when these genes were being handed out.

However, we are all creative. If you thrown a meal together, found a solution to a client/patient/boss’s problem or if you have stretched the truth a bit to get your child to do what you want them to do – you are creative.

So being creative beings we are called to create. We have the capacity to create nasty, unappealing things that cause strife and destroy life. Or we can be fruitful. That word is very evocative for it suggests something beautiful and useful. I’m thinking now of a mango whose skin is green but the blush of mauve and the pull on the branch tell the trained eye that it is ripe and ready to be picked.

And whether you eat the mango the posh way – peel and slice with a knife and eat with a fork or the real way – peel with teeth, while the juice runs down fingers, take bite after glorious bite while juice runs down your chin, suck on the flesh until there are fibres in your molars and you come to the bare seed.

Sometimes the mango may have come from a tree that only bears a few fruits in season. Yet a tree planted from the seed of one of its fruits may be more productive than the ‘mother tree’. I remember my great aunt Tazy commenting on this phenomenon not just with mangoes but with almost every other plant.

The seed, which is at the core of all of us when you peel away all our layers, is the potential to be fruitful not just once but continuously or multitudinously.

Are you being fruitful? Is it time you rediscovered your seed?

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