Ravi as inspiration

At first I wanted to laugh – a mirthless creature which was not accompanied by shining eyes nor gleaming teeth – at the fact that a Trinbagonian was one of the victims of the Kenyan mall atrocities.

The cheerless chuckle was an attempt to mask the hurricane of emotions that threatened to devastate me.

Reading the post that only a friend could write, in all its contradictions and with a subtext of disbelief was the final catalyst for the tears. Tears for Ravi, for his parents and their sacrifices and  for our world now further impoverished by the absence of his gifts. Also tears for the others lost and the lost potential.

Clichés abound and sometimes grate, they are so often apt for the reactions we have when the unthinkable happens. One such is to use the fallen’s lives as inspiration to live my best life.

That’s my lesson from this debacle. What’s yours?

One thought on “Ravi as inspiration

  1. You will find a trini any part of the world.It is very sad to hear of his downfall.But in it there is a lesson for each of us We make our plans but there is one who is the master planner.That is why we ought to live good lives so we can inspire someone even when we die

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