Jazzy Doha – Trini style

When I first saw him play in 2009, I’d gone to hear the extempo and steel pan virtuosos Relator and Andy Narrel. Yet, Etienne led me to an appreciation of the trumpet. I have played his album Folklore so many times that when he struck up ‘Douens’ on Saturday afternoon, Kwame exclaimed that he’d heard it before.

This week I’m celebrating another fellow country man. But he’s alive, jiving and swinging with his quintet at Jazz at Lincoln Center, St Regis hotel, Doha.

On Friday he took us on a journey from his worshipful interpretation of Monk’s ‘Green Chimneys’ via a transcendental version of Marley’s ‘Turn The Lights Down Low’  to a sensuous farewell by Kitchener’s ‘Audrey’, it was one of those joyous nights that makes the pain of Doha worth it.

And there was a lagniappe – a children’s concert the following day – Kwame high on sweet stuff but even higher on music, interacting with professional musicians and having validation from them of his musical and dancing talent  even to the suggestion that he take up the drums. Seriously?

When was the last time you thought it was worth living where you do?

One thought on “Jazzy Doha – Trini style

  1. I knew that I’d heard Etienne before. You’ve just reminded me of the concert and I’ve been playing the Andy Narrel cd today. Music of class!
    In the last few months since I’ve intimated my plan to go home the one question I keep hearing is “did you regret coming to London?” and my answer is always
    “I have no regrets” London has given me a marvellous opp to hone my craft as a teacher through a wide range of courses, training, leadership experiences and a chance to meet a much wider range of children and colleagues than I would have ever experienced in T&T.
    I think that all my children have had opportunities to excel here in ways that may not have been possible for them in T&T at the time and of course two of them have met their husbands here.
    However the time has come for a new chapter, hence my thoughts are focussing on returning to T&T and looking forward to what that may bring.
    My advice based on my experience “enjoy the moment come what may” because where you are is where you’re meant to be.

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