Home is

Beach, sea, breeze, flash showers,  pulling seine, sea coconut, homegrown pak choi, tomato and shadon beni, kurma, doubles, cassava dumpling, saheina with slight pepper, coconut water, sour cherry wine, chow – carambola,plum, pineapple, dhal pourie, pholourie, sorrel shandy, mauby, bush tea. Home.


2 hour wait in the airport, politics, racialism, mosquitoes, water gone, underachievement. Home.


Husband, sons, Daddy, nephew and uncles. Mummy, stepmom, sister and aunties.  Cousins and friends. Home.

One thought on “Home is

  1. They wait hand and foot on you .They try to get everything that you may not have eaten .since the last time you were here. You meet old friends and people you have not seen for more than thirty years and they remark on how much you look the same except for the grey hairs, how much you resemble your mother/sister and one even thought that I looked so much like my father…… a comment I haven’t heard since I was about five years old. Then today I met a former pupil who remembered me as the best teacher she ever had. It made my day. It’s good to come home.

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