Pausing to Ponder

In these twilight days between Christmas of the West and of the East (7 January), am imitating Mary and pondering things in my heart. (Luke 2:19 – ‘ But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.’) Pondering is usually the domain of the mind but to do so with the heart renders it more mystical and complete.


I am pondering:

Starting 2015 in Ghana with my father in law in church and with friends – Banku and tilapia with pepper – street food at its best.

Celebrating my Mum’s 60th birthday with afternoon tea and a musical, mass and lunch at Oceano.

The reggae band at the St Regis hotel serenading me (and a couple hundred other people) on my birthday.

Having a break in Dubai and returning to my bit of the desert and saying to Dubai exiles, now I get it.

Completing the first 12 000 words of the first draft of my novel thanks to Faber on line writing course.

Getting and feeling fitter, though appearance still deceives, thanks to netball and personal training.

Doing a Ramadan detox and only cheating about 10% resulting in the first weight loss I remember experiencing.

Having an amazing 6 weeks in the UK and Trinidad yet still feeling like we didn’t spend enough time with each person but happy we were able to.

Forging new skills in Marketing and Communications. Himalayan learning curve…

Celebrating 10 years as a … married couple – lived it up with a staycation at the Grand Hyatt Doha.

Putting my bossiness, uhmm, organizational skills (comms skills still nascent), and volunteering for the organizing committee of doha netball.

All my older son’s achievements: academic, sporting and musical.

My younger son being a great mix of charm and mischief.

Though Christmasing away from family still had sorrel (thanks A and P), ponche a crème (thanks P), black cake (thanks P), pastille (thanks T), ham (well done me) and parang (thanks to all those who have time to upload Daisy et al).


There were disappointments and deaths and I let them rest with the waning year. I move forward with a gratitude filled heart, a joyful spirit and a renewed mind.  I connect to Spirit and ponder its fruits. Three resonate and I decide, in the beckoning year, to experience more of them in my life: love, perseverance and self-control.


What are you pondering, at this time of year?

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