March Birthdays

I’m having a great day. Had a personal training session at 5:45 am and got home in time for Kwame, Kofi and Raffie to sing me happy birthday before the older two left for work. Raffie and I had real bacon for breakfast, having finally gotten my liquor license (which gives you access to pork) yesterday.  I cooked some pelau (with pigeon peas Mummy brought over) and oven bbq chicken for later.  After some sun-basking, we shared a bath before heading out for a playdate.

Raffie sometimes tags along to Kwame’s activities but I’ve never done any specific play dates for him. It was what I expected, Raffie was a bit shy and a bit jealous, after all it was his first time. Trying not to think of how to fit this into my normal working routine.

Now back home, I’m baking myself a cake. We’re waiting for Kwame to get home from zumba so we can head off for a picnic. Later tonight, we’re heading out to Reggae Night at the St Regis to hear the Bajan band play.

Happy Belated birthday to my Mum – I left for London three weeks ago today, to celebrate a significant birthday with mummy – we did high tea at the Landmark Hotel, saw the musical Memphis and had lunch at Oceano. I saw  three of my four favourite friends, also. Mummy shares her birthday with her late grandmother, Ma.

A week ago it would have been my maternal grandmother’s birthday.

Also celebrating this month is – Aunty V, Caite, Michelle, Kellee, Neville, Christian, Sharon, Alvi, Fais, Joy,Doris, Livia and Lisa.

Do you know someone celebrating their birthday this month?

2 thoughts on “March Birthdays

  1. Congratulations on another year although we’re not counting years per se. You seem to have the day planned with precision and I’m sure you will have as enjoyable a time as I did.
    My birthday was very special and I remembered a party I shared with Ma when I was 7 and she was 55. It was the best birthday I’d had for a long time. Now I have another one to add to the list.
    So enjoy your day

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