Happy Birthday to me

I’ve entered my 40th year on this planet. I declare this a year blessed by the Divine. I plan to live intentionally this year.

These intentions include:

be more spiritually grounded by praying everyday – what I do may differ each day but I do find a few moments of praise, forgiveness and thanksgiving is a sure footing for the day.

be fitter – I have found a gym that meets all of my ‘essentials’ and many of my ‘desirables’.

Be a writer – focus on this by applying some of the techniques I use in my work on process improvement.

A week in – how am I doing? Its not easy and as many steps as I’ve taken forward, I have taken backwards. Its like moving through molasses but I am determined that each moment I can choose to move towards my goals despite the resistance.

In those moments when I act from my dark side by thinking, saying and doing things I regret, I can choose to wallow in self loathing and I can’t deny sometimes I’m like a hippo in mud when it comes to the moodiness.  Increasingly though, I am choosing grace. Grace illuminates the step ahead and allows me to move away from the awfulness and towards the light.

Do you choose grace?

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