Lifesaving Poetry

A couple years ago I said a stupid thing about not really liking poetry. It was like that other stupid thing I had said, over 20 years ago, about the lack of usefulness of an English degree.

Poetry has now become a lifesaver. I have the poem, The Journey by Mary Oliver, printed and displayed at my desk. I read it every day and on some days several times, as a mantra, as a prayer.

Today I came across another poem that so resonated on a site I go to for inspiration Bev Barnes and Derek Walcott.

Be inspired!

Is there a poem or a piece of prose that inspires you? Please share a link.

Today is the day

I finally stopped spitting. Well actually it was last week but did not want to count my chicks.  Twenty weeks in and no longer walking round with my little orange pot.

I start blogging again. I missed the creativity and discipline and above all the comments.

That the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. Because it is all too easy to start plummeting into the ‘post holiday-don’t want to be here-wish I was there’ blues.

Is today the day?