What a difference a day makes 2

I have all sorts of issues with the church in general and specifically with practice here but I do see it as our responsibility to take the kids to church so I do it, even if at times I do it grudgingly. The temptation to just do away with going to church was so great and Evosoccer seemed to present the perfect opportunity.

However, I knew what I had to do – we swapped days – soccer on Friday and church on Saturday. Fewer people attend on Saturday so it is calmer and more reverential. I’m actually enjoying going to Mass for the first time since getting here.

Then we reconnect with a couple we met when we first came. The lady has been teaching catechism for the last year. When I shared with her some of my concerns , she encouraged me to join the catechism team stating that some of the leaders know they need new blood to dilute the stranglehold that some groups have on church affairs.

And wonders of wonders, I’m considering it.

Has an ‘unthinkable’ decision led to an unexpected but welcome turn of events?






One thought on “What a difference a day makes 2

  1. God through his son Jesus hasa way of placing us in situations for his works to continue.Let us not judge him but trust him. He probably send you there for his purpose. Accept the offer you and your family will be bless and it may just happen that the blessings reach your parents.

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