The zen of doing nothing … well almost

Today was the first day back to work after 11 days (including weekends) of Eid-ul-Fitr holiday. This is exclusive of annual leave entitlement.

Being the project manager that I am, I produced 2 lists of things to do over the vacation: one for us as a family and one for myself. Instead of being annoyed that we did not achieve much on the list, I am quite chilled about it.

On the family list we managed to put up Kwame’s height chart and a decorative sticker in the living room.  Also, Kofi thinks he has now compiled the longlist of photos of family and friends we will like to display – its only been 3 and half years since we’ve been living here.

All the other things gave way to relaxing (Kwame’s version of this includes doing maths – certainly not my genes), watching movies, playing snakes and ladders and ludo, reading together or individually (now we’re talking), eating proper breakfasts and .. spending time together.

On my list, I manage to achieve most of the things because it included –  write every day, finish beta-reading, go to gym, get my hair done, harass  call Passport Office , get photos done for Raffie’s Resident Permit,  in the hope of the imminent arrival of passports. I even got some new photos of me because though I could use existing photos to renew my Resident Permit, I thought why not?

And as Kofi’s birthday was the first day of Eid and we knew all the restaurants would be rammed, we delayed celebrating until last Sunday night but that deserves its own post.

Have you discovered the zen of doing almost nothing?



One thought on “The zen of doing nothing … well almost

  1. Sounds like a duvet day. I discovered this idea a few years ago while reading”Simple Abundance” , enjoying the day for what it is . Another idea like this came from my stitching, one sampler says: I’d rather be stitching than doing the washing/ironing/ cooking /cleaning.

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