Plan Paralysis

I have had to set new timescales for the two projects I’m managing as part of a much wider program. I’ve been procrastinating making these changes to the plan because I see this as a personal failure. Though the reasons for the change in timescales are largely outside of my control, I still feel a sense of shame.

I choose to ignore the actions that have been completed on time. I choose not to derive any satisfaction from having had some achievements.

This has so paralysed me that I felt sick and had to ask my manager for an extra day so I can rework the plans. See how I let what I can’t do get in the way of what I can do. Alan laughed at me and told me to get on with changing the plans and then start doing the things that need to be done.

This is a recurring theme in my life – being stymied by what could have been and what should have been. Having a tantrum or more likely a paralysis when things don’t go to plan.

Yet again this is one of the joys of having a child. This week being half term I’d planned to take some time off so Kwame can have some friends over. Because his friends and their parents have their own plans  – how dare they? -their plans have not entirely fit in with my plans. Breathe! Its okay, I have to remind myself.

With a few texts to parents and my manager, I was able to rearrange my time off  – so instead of having 2 days off, I’m having 1 full day off and two half days off and instead of 2 friends coming round on 1 day, we now have 3 possibly 4 friends coming over the 4 days.

So the reworked plan give a much better result than my original plan – as often happens and I so often forget.

Now, I planning what to feed them, so I have to make a shopping list and plan what games they could play. So must really stop this post.

How do you respond when you have to rejig your plans?

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