Middle age and late blooming

In Psalm 90, the Bible suggests that the span of life is three score and ten and through Macbeth, Shakespeare popularised this idea of a 70 year life span.

If this is true then, I should be rushing out and dyeing my hair, buying a red sports car or exchanging my husband for a younger model – as I am middle aged – in fact being over 35 means I am in the second phase of life.  Instead of bemoaning loss of youth, it is a good time to reflect, reject and refocus. 

 I have had many blessings – a career where I effectively promoted myself every 18 -24 months, marriage to the love of my life and motherhood.   Nonetheless, I know that for a long time, I quelled my calling because I felt it was impractical and would leave me economically impoverished.  When, I reclaimed my desire to write, I was distraught over the time’ wasted’. After several years, I have reconciled myself to this choice and no longer look on the time before as lost but as research.

I used to wish I could just quit what I’m doing now and single-mindedly pursue my passion.  This is not possible at the moment and though again it took me time, now I’m okay with that idea.  I used to think in ‘either cake or fruit’ now I think ‘cake and fruit’.

As happens often, I felt that I was all alone in feeling this way but increasingly there are articles and books being published about this phase in life. Many talk of late blooming – this makes me smile as I picture soft autumnal rays stirring open flowers that shunned the stark summer sun.

Are you a late bloomer? Why do you think so?

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