It’s the last day of October so time for …

…my sister’s birthday. Aww!  There’s lots to say about my younger-but-taller-always-stylish-recently-become-a-mum sister but not today… (Sorry sis). Because the majority of the world (sorry sis) celebrates Halloween on 31 October. Or do they?

Before kids, I happily ignored this holiday. But now, there are so many questions and viewpoints. Whether religious or not, many parents have differing views on this holiday.

My fundamental concern about Halloween is its apparent one-sided-ness: celebrating the dark and the dead while shunning the light and the living. It’s great this year that it falls around the same time as Diwali – the Hindu festival of light – which unless you are a strict (insert name of your faith) if you’re a Trinbagonian you lay claim to. But I digress…

This is further complicated by guilt, having grown up Catholic in the Caribbean, I have memories of vigil mass as the 1st of November is All Saints Day (saints are those who are in heaven whether beatified or not according to Catholic dogma) and the 2nd November was about going to the graves and/or praying and lighting candles for the faithfully departed who were in purgatory. But I digress…

Instead of being mired in the merde (excuse my French), this is what we’ll be doing:
• dressing up – Superman or fireman – super-heroes or ordinary day heroes
• lighting candles in remembrance of those no longer with us
• stocking up on sweets
• distributing to anyone who knocks
• discussing difference, tolerance and acceptance
• decorating – not – the house
• making memories with friends

Wishing you light, love and blessings whatever you’re celebrating …

4 thoughts on “It’s the last day of October so time for …

  1. I’m so happy to have grown up in a tolerant society that embraces everyone and their diversity. Despite media reports and politicians posturings, our experience has always modelled our anthem “Here every creed and race find an equal place.”
    So we celebrate or recognise and enjoy every celebration/observance.

  2. Love it! Thank you for the (short but sweet ) mention my wonderful, articulate, teaches-me-so-much sister!!

    I too am finding myself (unwillingly) celebrating now I am a mum.

    May find myself in church x3 this week- mass because it was Sunday/ I had to do the readings, mass for my birthday; mass for All Souls.

    Stay blessed; keep writing.

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