Happy Anniversary

7 years, in which I have:

  • Doubled the number of my sons
  • Realized that as my friend Chris says, ‘a place changes you more, than you change a place’
  • Lived the longest at the same address
  • Reckoned that home is where you make it, preferably with your family
  • Said more hellos than I have ever done in my life
  • Bade farewell more than I have ever done in my life, with the exception of when I left my twin-island birthplace
  • Overcome many preconceptions yet developed a few more prejudices

7 years since I landed in my desert place, I’ve learnt so much and am still learning more each day as this experience constantly amazes, thrills and infuriates me.

7 years today, my husband, son and I started an adventure… to be continued…

What are you celebrating?

3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary

  1. Seven years! Gives me goose-bumps. Growth cycles typically go in 7 year spirals. What will be coming up in the next cycle will be amazing, I’m sure!

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