Back to work and grateful

Returned to work on 1 April, pun intended. It’s comforting that the crap is consistent or as my mother put it more eloquently; the more things change the more they remain the same.

So focusing on blessings such as:

I’m the mother of two sons

I have 1 hour off work for breastfeeding

My husband’s presence and support

My helper’s assistance and using initiative

My friends here in the desert and abroad

Getting into work and receiving hand made cards from Mummy and Auntie Joan

I have a job and an income which helps us cover all our costs and give us some luxuries

I work with or encounter so many people whose family are back ‘home’

I have a place of worship to go to freely

My older son is such an engaging child that his weekend was super hectic: 1 sleepover, 2 birthday parties and a playdate.

The great thing of starting a list of your blessings, is that you can’t seem to stop. And you realize that blessings come in different sizes and may last for different lengths of time.

Is it time to stop and count your blessings?






One thought on “Back to work and grateful

  1. It is a blessing that you return to work on your father’s birthday.It is also very nice when we can count our blessing and thank God. For many times we forget to thank him for our present position, which could of been worst,and keep on complaining. Let us not judge the lord by our feeble thoughts but always trust him for his good.

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