4 Ramadans in

Coming from multi-cultural TnT, I knew about Ramadan but it had never impacted my life in the way it does living out in the gulf.  Here, I am hyper aware as my everyday life is affected.  Last year I escaped to the UK after 1 week. This year I’m caught up in the fiasco that is the British Passport service so don’t think I’ll be leaving the peninsula any time  soon.

In all cultures, knowledge is assumed and lack of knowledge is punished, so to fill this probable lacuna, I signposted my staff to the following site –  Doha News guide Ramadan and informed them of the salient points:

  • Non Muslim staff working hours remain 7-3
  • Muslim staff working hours 8-1 – any work outside these hours will be treated as overtime and as such has to be agreed in advance
  • No drinking, eating, chewing of gum in public space including desk and inside your car
  • Kitchens on the fourth floor are available for use but best to avoid foods that need re-heating as the smell travels
  • Aides are not allowed to make drinks
  • Female staff to be more conscious of dressing appropriately – personally I suggest trousers, tops with sleeves – and have a scarf or jacket to hand

Every year, there is a news report of someone falling foul of the rules around Ramadan.

Have you ever been tripped up by a foreign culture?




4 thoughts on “4 Ramadans in

  1. I was up this morning at 01:25 reading your blog.
    ‘You are such a breath of fresh air and everytime Í read your blog these two hymns come to mind. (1) The. St Francis of AssIsi Prayer and Count Your Blessings you are one of God’s Channel. L admire how you always put God in control of everything.

  2. .every religion has its ways in fasting and must be respected. However the important factor in fasting is setting aside one self from most worldly things ,having a closer relationship with the maker. At the end of this period one should be able have greater understanding in dealing with there fellowmen and the world

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