March Birthdays

I’m having a great day. Had a personal training session at 5:45 am and got home in time for Kwame, Kofi and Raffie to sing me happy birthday before the older two left for work. Raffie and I had real bacon for breakfast, having finally gotten my liquor license (which gives you access to pork) yesterday.  I cooked some pelau (with pigeon peas Mummy brought over) and oven bbq chicken for later.  After some sun-basking, we shared a bath before heading out for a playdate.

Raffie sometimes tags along to Kwame’s activities but I’ve never done any specific play dates for him. It was what I expected, Raffie was a bit shy and a bit jealous, after all it was his first time. Trying not to think of how to fit this into my normal working routine.

Now back home, I’m baking myself a cake. We’re waiting for Kwame to get home from zumba so we can head off for a picnic. Later tonight, we’re heading out to Reggae Night at the St Regis to hear the Bajan band play.

Happy Belated birthday to my Mum – I left for London three weeks ago today, to celebrate a significant birthday with mummy – we did high tea at the Landmark Hotel, saw the musical Memphis and had lunch at Oceano. I saw  three of my four favourite friends, also. Mummy shares her birthday with her late grandmother, Ma.

A week ago it would have been my maternal grandmother’s birthday.

Also celebrating this month is – Aunty V, Caite, Michelle, Kellee, Neville, Christian, Sharon, Alvi, Fais, Joy,Doris, Livia and Lisa.

Do you know someone celebrating their birthday this month?