I have had so many thoughts about so many things to post about that I can’t believe it is already February and I haven’t done so.

I really wanted to write a reflection on our trip to Ghana:

  •  some of the jokes don’t apply anymore – i.e. crossover night, elevation night, etc. These were the megachurches responses to the see in the new year’s eve parties.
  • the difficulty in seeing so much poverty but amazed that people can still be joyful and generous.
  • the challenge of explaining this to an inquisitive 6 year old but the importance of a Christmas spent not focusing on the material.
  • knowing that our presence made Dad and Nana Akua happy.
  • surviving being the centre of attention at Christmas Day and New Year’s Day masses.
  • the simple joy of walking and shopping in the market.
  • having drinks, listening to a live band and it wasn’t a five star hotel.
  • praying for lights to stay on with Kwame and it happening.
  • choosing fabric with Kwame so he and Raffie could have matching shirts made.
  • choosing fabric, being measured and having a dress made to measure.
  • drinking freshly picked coconut water with my boys on the way to Kumasi from Accra.
  • eating banku, tilapia and pepper at a road side stall at midnight.
  • catching up with friends and family.

The trip really helped me remember it’s about the simple things.  Those of you who had invites to our wedding may recognise the Sankofa symbol:

Sankofa is often associated with the proverb  which translates from Akan to English as  “It is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten.”[1]

Is it time you went back to something you have forgotten?