Paved with good intentions…

… is the road to hell, according to one saying. According to my mum, it’s
paved with teachers. I guess that just shows that there may be as many roads to
hell as there are people’s versions of what hell is – but I digress, as what I really wanted to explore is how kids can cause you to detour from your intentions.

Anyone with a connection to this desert place, has their equivalent of the ‘where were you when JFK was shot or Elvis/Marvin Gaye/MJ died’? question – ‘where were you the day of the Villagio tragedy?’ I was in a park in Manchester with a friend and my then only son.

However, the consequences and impact of that fatal fire are still being played out. As my own personal protest, I decided to refrain from shopping there. I did not cast any judgments on those who continued to do so. As a friend stated, who resumed shopping there after it was reopened, it is important to help those who survived continue to earn a living. Honestly, not going to Villagio was not as onerous, as I live nearer to Landmark mall which has similar shops such as M&S and Monsoon.

I had decided not to visit my decision on the rest of my family. So during Easter uhmm Spring Break, when a friend offered to take Kwame ice-skating in Villagio, I readily agreed. Ah the unforeseen consequences of our decisions! Apart from being ‘naturally good’ at it, Kwame declared he wanted to celebrate his birthday by going ice-skating.

There is an entire culture around birthday parties here which is a whole other story or blog. Another story is if you want information about any place here do not wholly depend on what is on the organisation’s website, if there is a one, go there and get the information yourself. That’s why, one afternoon in the early part of May, I found myself going to ‘that mall’ to find out about ice-skating. I was sure that I would just go straight to the rink and not look left or right at any other shop. Oh the boundless expanse of self delusion!

Of course I found myself in Wallis, Next, Bath and Body Works and even M&S as that branch is larger than the one in Landmark. I eventually did get to the ice rink to get the information and on the way back to my car could not resist a Krispy Kreme.

What intentions or values have you bent/broken because of your kids?

Back to work and grateful

Returned to work on 1 April, pun intended. It’s comforting that the crap is consistent or as my mother put it more eloquently; the more things change the more they remain the same.

So focusing on blessings such as:

I’m the mother of two sons

I have 1 hour off work for breastfeeding

My husband’s presence and support

My helper’s assistance and using initiative

My friends here in the desert and abroad

Getting into work and receiving hand made cards from Mummy and Auntie Joan

I have a job and an income which helps us cover all our costs and give us some luxuries

I work with or encounter so many people whose family are back ‘home’

I have a place of worship to go to freely

My older son is such an engaging child that his weekend was super hectic: 1 sleepover, 2 birthday parties and a playdate.

The great thing of starting a list of your blessings, is that you can’t seem to stop. And you realize that blessings come in different sizes and may last for different lengths of time.

Is it time to stop and count your blessings?