So its been a while…

A lots been happening including me having been to the UK between the 8 and 16 of May and this is the post I wanted to put up on Sunday 19 May but for one reason or another I didn’t …But here it is …

‘Last week I was in the UK. Me on my own – no husband, no child.  I know! I had planned a blog post and then decided – its my blog I can take a break if I want to and did!

Before boarding the plane on Wednesday, I had to call on many fellow mums and a few dads to help us out with childcare as Kofi (as luck would have it) had commitments which meant he could not provide the usual after school cover.

I still cannot adequately express how grateful we feel by the support of everyone. Expat life can often feel quite lonely – away from your usual support network, far from friends and family. However, I now feel part of a community and know that there are friends I can reach out to for help. It makes me feel less alone.

Tempting as it is to list all the names, in the words of one of my favourite musicians of favorite calypsos “To name a few, would make the others seem small.” – Dedication – David Rudder.

So, as you know who you are, take a bow!’